This Wi-Fi Stand(s) Out

Last fall, the Wireless Practice at my VAR was kind enough to purchase me a Wi-Fi Stand & Telescoping pole from the Wi-Fi Stand store.  I had been wanting to get one of these bad boys as a ‘Wi-Fi Bracket 2’ had been released and had a rotating mount atop of it. IT moves!


For a while now, Wi-Fi Stand has been the “go to” for WLAN professionals wanting an easy to pack, lightweight, easy solution for holding APs during AP-On-A-Stick (APoaS) surveys. Finally, Drew Lentz & co. came to address that sore spot for so many of us with this wonderful little bracket.


We purchased the Wi-Fi Bracket 2 as well as the Tripod from the online store to ensure compatibility right out of the box. The order arrived in a few days and I was very pleasantly surprised with the size, and durability of all the parts involved. Both the bracket itself , and the mounting clip exhibit a very sturdy feel to them.



And the best part about this setup, is that that the WiFi Bracket2, as well as the tripod can both be purchased for <$100. The tripod collapses down to 36″ and extends up to 8ft – it even comes in this handy carrying case as well. IMG_5770.JPG


When you get the whole rig put together, it truly offers an amazingly sturdy, versatile, easy-to-travel-with option for APoaS surveys – all while at a great price point. (Pictured below with a Cisco AP mounted)



For those of us that have been WLAN professionals for a while, we can certainly appreciate an elegant approach to this exact space. Some of the monstrosities that we have seen in the wild truly needed to be addressed, and that’s exactly what Wi-Fi Stand does.

AP pole


Now all the wizardry aside, I think my favorite part of the Wi-Fi Bracket2, is the rotating mount – and it’s because I am kind of a lazy guy.  The beautiful part is that once you size the mount to clip onto the clip, you can lock it down and you will never have to change it again. An added bonus to this feature as that, at least for Cisco ceiling mounts, the bracket can’t slide off from within the Wi-Fi Stand.stand no move


The best part about this rotating mount is that if you want to remove your already-locked-down-AP-mount, simply roll the bracket over and it slides off.

slide off

The cool part of this feature I enjoy is that I can pre-size all of my mounting clips, and I can screw them down and not have to worry about them falling apart or losing screws. I love this feature as it makes just one less thing to lose for me on the road.

The only drawback that I can see is that the rotating mount on the bracket lacks the required friction to hold the AP in a vertical orientation – similar to how an AP would hang on a wall.  Maybe in future builds WiFi Stand can incorporate some sort of locking mechanism, or sell it as an add-on?

In any event, I couldn’t be happier with my new APoaS setup, and am truly grateful to my old friend and coworker for addressing such a common WLAN need.


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Thanks WiFi Stand!