My name is Justin.

I live in Atlanta and wireless things are really my jam. I work for a International VAR, but the opinions expressed in here are mine and mine alone. Between travel, work, and any flavor of school I am in at the time, I keep pretty busy.

My Wireless Networking journey began over a decade ago when I was working with WISPs in the DFW area. After years and years of fixed Wireless, Microwave,  and city-wide mesh networks, I transitioned over to WiFi around 2007.

I have a BSEE and I love/hated engineering school. I loved the material, and EE curriculum is really the only one out there that teaches you how all this wireless stuff truly works. I do, however, absolutely hate taking tests, studying for finals etc.

I’m a private pilot for when I have an abundance of free time & money (which never seems to happen!), and aside from that I also enjoy racing Catamaran sail boats.

This blog will serve as a repository of sorts for anything wireless related that I feel would be a great trick to share!